Here Is The Price Of a 35 Seat Ugandan Made Electric Bus

Uganda is among the first African countries to launch a vehicle assembly company in the whole of the continent. They have been manufacturing electric vehicles which most of them are powered by solar panels.

The 35 seat bus was intended for urban areas rather than inter city use because of the restrictions on how far it can travel. If it is mass produced each bus would cost up to &58,000 (£40,000) which is a competitive price.

According to Kiira Motors Chief Executive Paul Isaac Musasizi although customers will have a choice between electric and diesel powered versions of the KDC this particular model is aimed at the tourism market where the buses will be used to reach remote locations that might not have charging infrastructure.

One of electric busses

Surely this is a game changer in the region although the vehicles have not archived that much success as expected since it was manufactured in the year 2016.

Some of the busses

So what do you think about this bus from Uganda. Do you think other African countries can archive this. You can be part of this conversation and much more in the comments section below.

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