Fears for Entebbe Airport Security as Arab Man Takes Charge of All Strategic Points of Uganda’s Only International Airport


Security operatives and a section of officials from the management of Entebbe International Airport have raised fears that the security of Uganda’s main point of entry and exit could be in danger after an Arab investor took charge of the management of every corner of the facility.

The said businessman is a one Muhamad Awad of Jamani Investments Ltd C/O.

He operates Airport Travel Services as Duty Free Shops, Lounges, as well as Restaurants and Coffee Shops at Entebbe International Airport.

According to an official at the airport, Mr Awad now runs Crane cafeteria at arrivals, Crane cafeteria in Transit, Crane cafeteria at the waiting Lobby and Crane Cafeteria in the VIP

He further owns Karibuni Lounge which he plans to shift and occupy half way of the second floor offices, Forex bureau in transit, Duty free shop in transit concourse, Crafts shop in transit, Wrap and fly at departures and Duty free shop at the VVIP.

“It is high time authorities investigated how Mr Awad is taking charge of every business in all strategic points at the airport and who is enabling him.” A source at the airport told this news website.

He adds that Awad’s business dealings at the airport may undermine the security of the airport.

Recently Entebbe airport has had movie-like stories to tell about how the airport officials and some employees have been involved in corruption and extortion scandal.

Early this year, Ugandans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to call out the staff at Entebbe International Airport for what appears to be unfair treatment, unprofessionalism and extortion both at the departure and arrival sections.

An overwhelming number of people took turns to narrate, both in video and text, what they have gone through at the hands of unscrupulous airport staff that abuse their power and shake down travelers for money, usually in US dollars, strictly, before they are allowed to board their flights or cleared to go home.

Following the outcry, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) came out and suspended some of their employees pending investigations into the allegations.


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