“Get Involved In Other Government Programs Like PDM, Emyooga & Others Because That Money Is Also Yours – ONC Boss Tips Motor Mechanics In Ndeba 

The Senior Presidential Advisor & Personal Assistant Office of the NRM National Chairman Kyambogo & National Coordinator, Bazzukulu Movement Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo has visited downtown motor mechanics in Ndeeba, Lubaga Division.

According to Hajjat Uzeiye, the engagement was focused on the challenges affecting their work and how the president can help.

Mechanics informed the Special Presidential Advisor that they find it difficult to get equipment to ease their work, including generators, tool boxes, Laptops/launch machines, Panel beating machines, Grinding and drilling machines and mechanic safety gears.

Some of the leaders explained that they needed the President to help them in the way of going back to mechanical schools so that they can become proficient in mechanical engineering, using the current technology so that they can keep up with the quality.

Mechanical Engineers of Ndeba expressing the difficulties they go through at their respective workplaces

In her address Hajjati Namyalo thanked them for being hardworking, saying that the world now needs people with some money in their pockets.

She assured them to take all their issues to President Museveni his boss, adding that she knows a good leader cannot fail.

She also assured the youths of the president’s program to boost their incomes with a range of agricultural incentives like goats, chicken and poultry feed.

“For those who can afford Farming ONC has a range of agricultural incentives such as goats, chicken and poultry feeds so we can get in touch” she said.

Hajjat Uzeiye addressing mechanics in Ndeeba

“We will help you out, but you also need to be more organized to convince me that we can work together and also get involved in other government programs like PDM, EMYOOGA and others because that money is also yours,” Namyalo added

She added that the engagement will continue as the National Chairman continues to provide solutions to problems affecting his people.



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