Ready& Steady: Engola Junior To Replace Late Father In Oyam North


Having been an active and appealing figure in Oyam district politics since 2009, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party picked Samuel Engola Junior to replace his father, Rt. Col. Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo, as the Member of Parliament for Oyam North.
The charisma of Engola Junior, who served as a councilor representing the town council, drew party leadership’s attention to him, in addition to a precedence set in the neighboring Omoro county and also Serere, where the sons of the departed legislators easily replaced their fathers.
Key NRM and opinion leaders in Oyam and Lango contend that Engola Junior is best positioned to replace the father.
“In Omoro county, which shares a lot with Oyam north, we supported and saw the son of former Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah registering a resounding victory. Fortunately, in Oyam North, Engola Junior had already been participating in the local politics and affairs of the place: so he became our best bet and we are confident in his candidature,” said a key NRM leader in Lango.
According to them Engola Junior has already demonstrated his leadership potential and love for the people of Oyam.
“Engola Junior is not being picked from Kampala or anywhere to be imposed on the people of Oyam North. He (Engola) has committedly been with the people of Oyam for years and now the only person to take up the mantle of leadership, as we mourn our departed elder and retired soldier,” he said.
Adding: “Engola Junior is a devoted, qualified and dynamic youthful figure ready to accomplish the tasks ahead.”

Who is Engola Samuel?

Commonly known as Engola Junior, Samuel was born on June 30, 1985 to the late Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo and the late Asiimwe Theodora.
He went to Molly and Paul Primary School in Wakiso district where he started his leadership journey by serving as the head prefect. He completed his PLE there in 1999.
In 2000 Engola Junior joined Bombo SS and again joined student leadership where he was entrusted with the position of deputy head prefect. He completed his UCE in Bombo SS in 2003.
For A-Level Engola Junior joined Aduku SS in 2004 doing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/ Entrepreneurship. The students of Aduku SS overwhelmingly elected Engola Junior as their head prefect and he completed his UACE there in 2005.
He later joined Uganda Technical College Lira to do engineering. He has an ordinary diploma in water engineering, higher diploma in civil engineering and advanced studies in project planning and management. He is currently pursuing a degree in Water Engineering.
In 2009 the people of Oyam Town council welcomed and overwhelmingly voted Engola Junior as their councilor. In 2011 they returned him to the same position and in 2016 he honorably retired from council to focus on building his capacity for national politics.
From UPC, he joined in NRM and was received by the senior presidential Advisor for Lango Hon. Sam Engola.
To Lango leaders, the late Macodwogo sacrificed his life to bring peace at a time Lango desperately needed someone to get rid of LRA in the area. They contend that the entire family sacrificed when their father was fighting the rebels, so the attack on the family deserves support from the entire sub-region irrespective of political parties, religion and statue.
“It’s only fair that we walk the talk and show that love we have been singing in eulogizing the Late Okello Engola.”
The Lango NRM leadership are now mobilizing the party members and the entire Oyam North to unite and support Engola Jr. in the Oyam North by election and have appealed to those who were preparing for 2026 to continue with their preparations because this term belongs to Engola Junior.


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