PHOTOS: Ethiopian Community In Uganda Join Other Africans In Grand Match to Mark Africa Origins Day

The Ethiopian Community, in tandem with the Ethiopian Embassy and other African Origins and Embassies/ High Commissioners based in Uganda have participated in the Grand March of Africa Day 2023 to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of African Union.

The Embassy, collaborating with the Ethiopian Diaspora Community and Kampala Field Office of Ethiopian Airlines, held a colorful booth at the event, where they displayed Ethiopian Cultural Clothing and promotion of Ethiopia’s Tourism attractions and destinations as the Land of Origins during the event held at the Kololo Independence Ground in Kampala.

In addition, 100+ members of the Ethiopian diaspora community proudly displayed Ethiopia’s vibrant culture and traditions by exhibiting a coffee ceremony and traditional food. Furthermore, the Unique Amharic Alphabet has been promoted entertainingly by having visitors practice writing their names in the script (ፊደል ሀ-ፐ).

The Ethiopian booth was attended by the guest of honor, The Rt. Honorable Robinah Nabbanja, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Head of missions & representatives of #African Embassies accredited to Uganda, Higher Officials from various Governmental and Private Organizations, Fraternal Associations, and Invited Guests.

Attendees have treated to a charming Ethiopian ” “Gursha from Agelgil.” presentation and were invited to partake in the magnificent custom of feeding with hands, feeding others, and dining together.


The day was cerebrated under the theme “Acceleration of AFCFTA Implementation to Ensure the Economic Independence of Africa.”


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