Tirupati Family Mourns Passing Of Their Mother


The mother of Harshad Barot, the proprietor of Tirupati Development (U) Limited, a real estate and construction company has passed away.

Miraj Barot, the Managing Director of Tirupati Development (U) Limited, announced the passing of his grandmother, Mrs Leelaben Maganbhai Barot.

The matriarch was 94 years old.
“Mother of Shri Harshadbhai Maganllal Barot has left this material body and departed for heavenly abode. Tirupati Family is grieved by the loss of their beloved mother. May her soul rest in eternal peace,” reads part of the death announcement.

The death announcement reads in part

The Tirupati family runs a not-for-profit organization supporting old people named after her called Leela Foundation Uganda.

Juhi Barot, the deceased’s granddaughter leads the philanthropic organization.

Leela Foundation has supported old people in Kampala, Jinja Karamoja, Mbale and other parts of the country.

The Third Deputy Prime Minister, Rukia Nakadama recognized Leela Foundation for helping old people in the country.

The deceased, Leela Barot, is survived by her son Harshad Barot and grandchildren Parul Barot, Miraj Barot, Kruti Barot and Juhi Barot. Her other son was the late Narendra Barot. Narendra’s children are Meenaben Barot, Mehulbahi Barot and Riddhiben Barot.


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