Tension As Mega Demonstrations Await Archbishop Kazimba On His Pastoral Visit To West Ankole Diocese Bushenyi 

Bushenyi District is on very high tension ahead of Archbishop Stephen Kazimba’s pastoral visit to West Ankole Diocese.

Information on the ground indicates that there’s is fear that the tension which is building up among a big percentage of christians may erupt into violence .

The tension and conflict are arising out of two major areas. One is about the proposed creation of South West Ankole Diocese  in Sheema District and another is the alleged interference of Eng. Silver Mugisha, a staunch Catholic in the Archbishop’s visit.
“A section of Christians in Sheema have been clamouring for a District for many years. They fought the former Bishop Katonene for refusing to heed their cry for a Diocese . When Bishop Twinomujuni came, they welcomed him in the same manner as Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem” says a senior security official .

It is reported that when the new Bishop came, they allegedly struck a deal with him that he makes sure that  their proposed diocese be granted in the shortest time possible.

“Many of them together with other Christians decided to build a new official residence for the Bishop and this was done in record time. The beautiful mansion which cost billions stands at Bweranyangi. But the expectations of the Sheema Christians who want a diocese were soon dashed” a source explained.

According to this group, Bishop Twinomujuni has extinguished their trust in him and is mute about their gentleman’s agreement.

Last week, representatives of this group held s press conference and openly accused Bishop Twinomujuni of being what they called a liar.  Their news clip went viral.


Rumors of alleged involvement and interference of Eng Silver Mugisha, a staunch Catholic in the Archbishop’s visit continue to fly around in the area. It was first alleged that the Archbishop was going to have lunch at Eng Silver ‘s home in Kantunda Bushenyi, something which reportedly angered Christians (Anglicans).

“They say they are not against the Archbishop going there because Mugisha is a Catholic but because the timing is wrong because the Archbishop is coming on a pastoral visit which should strictly be for the Anglican community . They contend that if Eng Mugisha wants to host the Archbishop , why doesn’t he invite him on some other time in his individual capacity?” A source explained.

Eng Silver Mugisha however, had an interview with one of the online media houses and denied that the Archbishop is going to spend a night at his home.

It is alleged that in league with Bishop Twinomujuni and Williis Bashasha who is the head of Laity , the Archbishop is allegedly going to have “tea” at Eng Silver’s residence .

This rumor has sent many Christians wild castigating the Bishop, the head of Laity and the proposed host.

Bishop Twinomujuni is being accused of what they call ‘vending’ the Anglican church under the guise of ‘love that unites’. The Christians accuse him together with Bashasha of mixing “abaperosona”.

“There are fears that if the visit to Eng Mugisha takes place, violence may erupt at one time or another” says a source.
Watch this space for more updates.

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