Wanted: Col Lutaaya Runs Into Hiding As Court Remands Makindye Chairperson Over Theft,Malicious Damages


Court in Makindye has remanded Local Council one ‘LC1’Chairman of Klezia zone one Mr Chrizestoma Wakayamba to Luzira prison following his arrest on charges of theft and malicious damage of property.
Wakayamba appeared before Magistrate John Okipi Robert,on Thursday 6 July 2023 afternoon and pleaded not guilty to charges.
On court documents, Wakayamba is charged alongside Rtd Col Dick Lutaaya and Topista Nakaye who were at large during court appearance.

It is said that on a one Leonard Rwigyema reported a case at Katwe police station of malicious damage against RTD Col Lutaaya,Nakaye Topisita and Wakayamba Chrizestoma vide ref no CRB 035/2023.
Police investigated the case,submitted it to resident state attorney who sanctioned the file.
However,as the case was still going on, complaint Rwigyema was waiting for Col Lutaaya and his accomplices to appear before court, the same team appeared at his premises on 24th /06/2023.They took the remaining properties and demolished the structures. During the investigations, police found the demolished properties at Nakaayi’s home as exhibits under case of malicious damage and theft vide SD ref 39/01/07/2023 against RTD Col Lutaaya and others.
It rumored that said Col Lutaaya and Nakaayi connived to grab the land.
Brief Facts:
On the 12th December 2017,Rwigyema Leonard entered into a lease agreement with the family of the late Sheikh Muhammad Bukenya. Land located in Makindye Namasoole road near calendar guest house.
The late Bukenya acquired this land in 1990.
RTD col Lutaaya acquired his land in 2011. Both were bibanja holders on kabaka land.
Later col Lutaaya acquired kyappa mungaalo(Title) from mengo(BLB) and encroached on the late Sheikh Muhammad’s kibanja. After doing those illegalities, RTD col Lutaaya transferred the land into the names of his land care taker by names of Nakaayi Teopista.

All that process was done while the family of the late Sheikh Bukenya was in possession of the land and they’ve been hiring it out on commercial basis.

In 2017 when Rwigyema Leonard leased the land, he operated there a washing bay, constructed there shops, kiosks and an office space were he enjoyed quite possession until 17/11/2022 at 10:00am when he was called by his manager and informed him that army, kanyaama’s and police had raided the premises and demolished everything down.
Rwigyema has also accused RTD Col Lutaaya of working with impersonators to demolish his properties on the land saying that he used a police officer attached to Katwe police station as OC lands to work as KCCA officer and also a fake lawyer who worked as a surveyor.
When Rwigyema wrote to judiciary inquiring about about Kifuse Maxwell, response shows he is not in their records.


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