On The Spot: Security Exposes Theft Of Govt Drugs In Bugiri Health Centers

Security organs in eastern Uganda have launched an investigation into the rampant break-ins at government health facilities in Bugweri district.
A general enquiry file has been opened up under no. GEF001/2023 at Bugiri CPS.
It has been established that
On 8th July 2023, district received health supplies from NMS for cycle 3 and 4 financial year 2022/23 delivered at Bukesa health center IV.
The medical supplies were delivered by NMS staff clerk Babizemu Esther.
The consignment had supplies for other  health facilities in the district which were supposed to be received on 8/3/2023.
The medical supplies were received by acting DHO Dr Peter together with store man Moses witnessed by RDC and area Giso.
On 9th march 2022, Esther made distribution to respective HCs.In this cause,she found out that various amounts of drugs were missing for Igombe HC54 boxes of maleria RDTs
Busembabya HC111-2 cartons of coartem drugs.Newagisa HC-1 carton of coartem,
Nyamunyumya HC-2 cartons,Lubirisa-3 cartons of TB testing kits,Buyango HC-1 carton of coartem,Nsale HC11-1.5 cartons of coartem and 40boxes of Maleria RDTs .
Upon realization, Esther notified the acting DHO who contacted the storeman a one Moses could not explain the disappearance of drugs.
The DPC one SSP Baluku Alfred was notified by Ms Billy Janet Mulindwa to take up a case afterwards,the DHO and store man were summoned but never turned up
According to Esther, drugs worth 25m were stolen it should be noted that the keys to the store of male ward where drugs had been retained by acting DHO Muwereza Peter went Missing.
On 6th July, 2023 from Ms. Kawala Mirernbe Esther, the
Nursing Oficer in the District Health Officer’s office  indicated that
whereas National Medical Stores delivered drugs to  district on 8h April, 2023Igombe Health Centre II- fifty four (54) boxes of Malaria
RDTs, each containing 140 strips.
-Busembatya Health Centre III- 100 T.B testing kits.
Namunyumya Health Centre III – two (2) cartons of coartem drugs.
Buyanga Health Centre II – one (1) Carton of Coartem drugs.
– Libira Health Centre III- three (3) cartons of T.B testing kits.
Nsale Health Centre II – one and a half (1/2) cartons of
Coartemn drugs and forty (40) small boxes of malaria
RDTS.Nawangisa Health Centre III – one (1) carton of coartem
So 15 boxes of artmether lumefontrine were found missing upon distribution to the health facilities in the district.
“This is a very serious matter that greatly undermines government’s efforts to avail adequate
Supply of drugs to the various health centres in the district”,Esther said.
“Accordingly,as the officer in-charge, I require you to show cause why y disciplinary
action should not be taken against you for negligence of duty leading to loss of
Property contrary to the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders (2021)” a statement said.
When we contacted Bugiri acting DHO Dr Muwereza said that the store man store be the one to respond how drugs got lost.

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