Uganda Investment Authority’s One Stop Centre: A Catalyst For Economic Growth &Efficiency


On Thursday 3rd August 2023, the Uganda Investment Authority hosted a media breakfast meeting at the Uganda Business Facilitation Center, highlighting the invaluable role of the One Stop Centre. Distinguished attendees included Hon. Anite Evelyn, the Minister of Investment, URA Commissioner General Musinguzi Rujoki, Director General Robert Mukiza, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Morrison Rwakakamba.

During the event, the URA Commissioner General emphasized the immense benefits of the One Stop Centre and how it facilitates the services offered by Uganda Revenue Authority under its umbrella. These services include Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registration, Tax Assessment, Tax Incentives, and General Inquiries, all streamlined for business convenience.

Notably, the One Stop Centre collaborates with various entities to provide a comprehensive range of services, further promoting economic growth and investment in Uganda.

The Board Chairman Uganda Investment Authority Morrison Rwakakamba passionately declared, “Uganda is open for business!” He highlighted the government’s efforts to reduce the import bill, urging support for local industries and driving economic growth. With exciting incentives for foreign direct investment (FDI), the country is poised for prosperity.

Minister of Investment, Hon. Anite Evelyn, commended the drop in tile imports due to the establishment of three high-quality tile factories in the country. She encouraged continuous support for local industries to stimulate economic growth.

Director General Robert Mukiza affirmed that Uganda’s young and educated population demands efficient services and solutions. The One Stop Centre stands as a beacon of efficiency, innovation, and value for money, setting the standard for Africa. By reducing the cost of doing business and providing access to all services under one roof, the center is empowering investors to explore Uganda’s boundless opportunities.

The Uganda Investment Authority’s One Stop Centre is revolutionizing the business landscape, promoting sustainable growth, and making Uganda a preferred investment destination. By offering a wide array of services and fostering seamless collaboration between different entities, the center is a testament to Uganda’s commitment to economic prosperity and development. As the nation welcomes investors and entrepreneurs, the One Stop Centre stands ready to be their reliable partner on the path to success.


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