Min.Hajjat Kabanda,KCCA ED Kisaka Tour City Public Markets

The Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Hajat Minsa Kabanda, along with the Kampala Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka, embarked on a significant visit to City Public markets as part of their ongoing efforts to assess the implementation of the new Markets Act.The Act, recently passed by Parliament, empowers the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to manage and enhance the operations of public markets across the city.Minister Kabanda’s visit on Friday was aimed at engaging with vendors and understanding their concerns and challenges in line with the implementation of the Act.Both officials held meetings with the market vendors at Nakawa and Bugolobi markets to discuss issues ranging from sanitation and hygiene, security, to peace and harmony within the markets.The minister also outlined plans to engage with market landlords to ensure the smooth functioning of the market ecosystem.”We are committed to promoting peace and harmony in the markets, while maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene standards. Our goal is to make informed decisions that will benefit both vendors and consumers,” emphasized Minister Kabanda.                  Dorothy Kisaka, the Kampala Executive Director, echoed the sentiment and added, “Our journey has just begun. We are visiting various markets to comprehend the challenges faced by vendors and to ensure the effective management of these vital trade centers. Compliance with the Presidential directive and the new Markets Act is paramount in our efforts.”

The Markets Act grants KCCA the authority to oversee market operations and instill professionalism in their management.As part of the streamlining process, KCCA has been actively working across 16 markets, including Owino, Nakasero, and Lufula (City Abbatoir), following the Presidential directive issued in 2022.As per the Presidential KCCA staff have been deployed in the markets, which emphasizes the importance of professionalism and adherence to the newly enacted Market Law.The law provides a clear framework for the operation of public markets and aims to enhance trading opportunities, revenue generation, market development, and the overall well-being of the city’s residents.Several important issues were addressed during the visit, including concerns related to landlords, market cleanliness, security, and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.Vendors expressed their gratitude for the removal of ground rent and applauded President’s efforts in this regard. Additionally plans for improved security measures, upgraded infrastructure such as new toilets, and ongoing efforts to combat the pandemic’s impact were highlighted by market stakeholders.Hadijah Namuli from Nakawa Market emphasized the need for enhanced security within the market premises, while Veneranda Twesigeomwe and Irene Nabwami, both vendors, praised the removal of landlords from the market as a positive step towards improving the market environment.As Kabanda and Kisaka continue their market visits, the city anticipates further positive developments in the management and operation of public markets, resulting in improved trading conditions, increased revenues, and a higher quality of life for the citizens of Kampala.


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