OP-ED: EY Africa Leaders Induction 2023: Embracing Legacy, Igniting Growth

As the EY Africa Leaders Induction concluded this past week in the bustling city of Johannesburg, the essence of our gathering continues to resonate. I find myself ruminating not only on the powerful connections forged during the event but also on the indelible legacy we have inherited.

The event, attended by newly promoted and externally recruited Partners and Associate Partners across Africa, was a profound reminder of our custodianship of an institution that generations of leaders have worked tirelessly to build and grow.

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, Partners who dedicated their careers to cultivating the prestigious firm we are honoured to represent today. They worked passionately and diligently, turning challenges into opportunities and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. They handed us a Firm that is robust, reputable, and ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

The four-day event, meticulously orchestrated by EY’s Talent team, was not merely an induction but an affirming nod to our inherited legacy and a call to action to carry this torch forward: to grow and expand, extending the boundaries of possibility, ensuring that EY Africa continues to be a platform for countless others to ascend and make their mark. As the latest in the line of those who lead, our task is to uphold and enhance this legacy.

EY Africa’s New Partners & Associate Partners 2023

The personal interactions and the profound conversations we shared during the Induction, including insightful dialogues with our CEO, Ajen Sita, COO Lance Tomlinson, and other senior executives, underscored the irreplaceable value of personal connections and face-to-face interactions. They illustrated the continuity of our journey, building upon the foundations laid by our predecessors and setting the path for those who will follow. It is this thread of unity, aspiration, and shared responsibility that makes EY a powerful force for change and progress.

Our role as leaders stretches beyond strategy and execution; it encompasses the people who make up our firm and look up to us as we shape careers and create a better working world. As stewards, we are not just responsible for shaping the present. We must focus on nurturing the talent of tomorrow, ensuring that when it’s their turn to step into our shoes, they are more than ready. We are not just growing a firm; we are developing people, careers, and opportunities.

In-person gatherings like the Induction do not merely facilitate knowledge sharing; they provide a canvas for sharing experiences, emotions, and values. They offer a platform for building relationships, crafting shared visions, and fuelling collective growth. This Induction was not just an event; it was an affirmation of our mission and a testament to the power of personal connection.

As we chart our course forward, we remain mindful of our role. We are inheritors of a formidable legacy and shapers of an even brighter future. The strength of EY lies in its people, and it’s our duty to create an environment where they can thrive, evolve, and contribute to creating a better working world.

Here’s to embracing our legacy, igniting growth, and propelling EY Africa’s vision forward.

The Author is Monica Rubombora a Partner in EY Africa’s People Advisory Service Line. The views expressed in this article are her own.


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