Police Cautions NUP Leaders To Follow Proper Procedure For Holding Public Meetings

Uganda Police Force spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga has warned organisers of the National Unity Platform (NUP) to adhere to the rightful procedure for holding public meetings.

Enanga stated that rallies, processions, demonstrations, acts of incitement to violence or other activity that may lead to incidences likely to cause breach of peace or several insecurity were prohibited.

“We wish to remind the organisers to adhere to the rightful procedure for holding public meetings like having a traffic assembly plan in place and a sufficient number of stewards, etc,”Enanga said.

He advised NUP organisers to liaise with the respective territorial commanders in advance, for proper security planning.

“Under the political party laws, NUP members are mandated to carry out their activities in a regulated manner. As a result, the UPF leadership has tasked all its territorial commanders in the 12 regions of Rwizi (Mbarara), Rwenzori West (Fortportal), Rwenzori East (Kasese), Kigezi (Kabale), Busoga East (Iganga), Bukedi South (Tororo), Elgon (Mbale), East Kyoga (Soroti), North Kyoga (Lira), Aswa West (Gulu), Savannah (Luwero), and West Nile (Arua) to liaise with the organisers from the National Unity Platform and ensure a smooth conduct of the planned activities,” he said.

He added that the police has the mandate to regulate public meetings under the provisions of Section 32(1) of the Police Act and that proof of permission granted by the respective owners of the venues to be used outside the NUP facilities is very important and restricted to Town Halls and other appropriately enclosed areas.

Furthermore, all political parties are still obligated to disclose the specific locations, of their mobilisation activities, outside their party offices for safety and security reasons.

Enanga warned that in the event that the organisers fail to fully comply with certain public order requirements outside their party offices or premises, the Joint security task teams will respond in an appropriate and lawful manner.



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