Administrator General,ULS To Ugandans On How To Write Wills,Fight Land Fragmentations


Administrator General,in partnership with the Uganda Law Society (ULS), has said they have set up a new programme that will help Ugandans document valid Wills.

Speaking at the launch of the 14th ULS annual probono at Railway Grounds, Charles Kasibayo revealed that the majority of cases in family courts around the country are due to the failure of departed family heads to write valid wills, which leads to many family conflicts.

He also added that, as Administrator General, they are teaching Ugandan property Owners to adopt a new system of companies and trusts, which will reduce land fragmentation.

This is in line with President Museveni’s lectures, where he has been encouraging Ugandans not tob fragment land into pieces but to maintain it as one and use it for commercial agriculture and other economic activities.


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