Museveni Tells Ugandans Not To Panic Over Defeated ADF Scare Bombs


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has assured Ugandans of defeat of the Islamic state linked Allied Democratic Force (ADF).

He said that the ADF terrorists are powerless and defeated and that’s why they continue hiding in the Congo jungles and not Uganda.

He added that the developments here, where security rounded up the terrorists and recovered IEDs from them, were an indicator that security knows all of them.

The president said that the purpose of speaking was to assure Ugandans not to panic since the ADF was defeated in Semilik areas a long time ago in spite of support from the previous Congo and Sudan Governments.

Last week , the Joint Police Team of CT, K9, CI and Territorial Police, that was deployed at Miracle Centre, intercepted a terrorist who had disguised as a churchgoer, and recovered an IED, at the main entrance of the Church, in Kayanja Triangle Zone, Lubaga Parish in Kampala District..

Immediately after his arrest, he was handed over to the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force (JATT), CMI, ISO, CI, and the scene jointly processed by the bomb squad and the Forensic experts. The IED was detonated at the scene. The scene was re-examined and the following items recovered, a dry battery (D and K-1987), detonator card, a container of powder, 57 nails of 4 inches, yellow cellotape, a phone battery itel and its housing and burnt parts of the black bag. There was no danger to the church members or damage to the church.

The suspect Kintu Abdulahuman a 28 year old, resident of Mbizinya village, Buwama sub county in Mpigi district, was also found in possession of a remote control boom. He was on the wanted list of CMI.

Upon interrogation the suspect admitted that they were 6 terrorists behind the plot, and further led the Joint Team of JATT officers, CMI, CI CID, KMP and Forensics, to their rented two roomed house, at Luungujja zone 8, where 3 other constructed IEDs were recovered.

The rental units belonged to the Seventh Day Adventist. The bomb experts also detonated the 3 IEDs and further recovered ingredients of evidential value.

Additional 5 suspects were arrested in connection with the IED planted on Mabiito area, within Nateete Central B zone, Lubaga division in Kampala district. Another IED was recovered, abandoned at Peaceful Guest House in Ngobe-Bunamwanya.



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