Ugandans Without National IDs To Be Excluded From Receiving Services -NIRA


Osborn Mushabe, the Public relations Officer at National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA), has said that Uganda has over one Million people without identity proof, which leaves them vulnerable and excluded from services.

Mushabe while addressing the media during the weekly security brief at the Police Headquarters in Nagaru, on Monday, September 11, 2023, said that, Ugandans without the National Identity are left vulnerable, and thus barred from the services that would improve their livelihood.

“Without a National Identity, one is excluded from services that would have improved their lives, even here in Uganda,” Mushabe said.

He noted that, there are citizens who haven’t taken birth registration as a priority, but they hope by 2030, they will have provided legal identity to shoot identity for all citizens including birth registrations.

Mushabe said that, NIRA as mandated by the registration of persons Act 2015, has made great strides as far as identification and registrations are concerned


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