UPC Urges Parents To Report To Authorities Masqueraders Selling Fake UNEB Exams To Candidates

Uganda Peoples Congress ‘UPC’ has asked public to cooperate fully with the authorities especially UNEB and police to report dubious individuals who traverse parents’ homes with alleged examination leakages and want to exchange them for money.

While addressing the press at Uganda Sharon Ayat Arach UPC spokesperson revealed that with improved science and technology, such characters can print out anything to cheat or mislead the public.

“UPC cautions the public and schools to avoid such bad characters, and instead report them to the authorities.Schools should concentrate on proper
preparation and guidance of the candidates”,she said.

She added that this term requires a lot of school resources which is why UPC is appealing to parents to come in and clear all the remaining school fees dues, give maximum support,advice and encouragement to their daughters and sons to do exams with determination ,confidence and focus,to be very much respectful to their teachers and fellow pupils/students as they try to avoid temptations leading to examination malpractices.

To UNEB and school administrations, this should not be the time of denying our daughters and sons to sit for their final examinations on financial grounds.
“Let such issues be resolved on time and ensure not to disrupt the concentration of the candidates”,she narrated.

Ayat comments come as students prepare to go back to school for a third term where all candidates do thier last national examinations as a major step towards setting the journey for the career to pursue and it is evident that education is the corner stone of the development of any given country.

schools are reopening on Monday 18th September 2023.


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