Kabuleta: Don’t Force Ugandans To Take New Malaria Vaccine 

National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) president Joseph Kiiza Kabuleta has cautioned Ugandans against the new malaria vaccine, saying it’s useless and dangerous.

In a 18-minute video making rounds on different social media platforms, Kabuleta claims that the Ministry of Health is planning to roll out a malaria vaccination campaign next month targeting children under the age of five years.

“In here to save your child, I come to you as a parent and as somebody who is concerned about something I know that is likely to unfold in this country.In the month of November 2023 going forward the Ministry of Health is planning to unveil a serious malaria vaccine roll-out which is going to be forceful,” the politician alleged.

“They are going to go door to door forcing children to get vaccinated. They are going to go to slums and villages especially where people still trust that the government is there and think about their well-being. They will forcefully inoculate them with these very controversial malaria vaccines,” he added.

Kabuleta further explained that the controversial vaccine was first tested in 2009 and 2011, where they found out that actually it has zero percent protection of malaria. He added that they decided to modify it and brought it back in 2015 and rolled it out in three countries; Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.

“In Kenya, it kind of stopped quickly because Kenya gave an excuse why they don’t want it and so on. Ghana immediately started rolling out and saw how hazardous it was to children, they said they would only proceed if the people who manufactured the vaccination give them the same immunity against death, injury to the people like in America. As soon as they put up that condition, they ran away because they know how dangerous it is. In Malawi, it was found out that four doses of the vaccines that children are supposed to take, the children only get a 30 percent protection from Malaria.In otherwards, the vaccination efficacy is 30 percent and it phases out very fast after 6 months.”

“Previously, vaccines were about prevention but now Covid introduced something new where we can vaccinate you but you are still just prone to the disease just like the unvaccinated person or even worse in the case of covid.

Kabuleta also revealed that a top researcher in the University of Southern Denmark called Peter Aaby said that even if some children who are vaccinated have a 30 percent less chance of getting Malaria , they have the same chance of dying of malaria.

“So in that case it’s almost useless. The researcher said that this is going to be catastrophic, a total disaster if this is rolled out,” the Pastor turned politician further warned.

“There’s what we call a risk-benefit analysis. The benefit is the 30 percent protection in the 6 months and the risk is that it causes a 10 fold increase in meningitis among those children who have been vaccinated. Now they are protecting you from malaria but they are giving you a big meningitis. This is not speculation but statistics from the people who have taken it and they are in excess of hundreds of thousands. The second sickness is seizures and hallucinations. These are even stated by the manufacturer himself. I have a document that talks about the risks. Malaria is a killer but this which is coming is going to be a much killer. It also causes cerebral malaria.”

Kabuleta also noted that according to researchers, the vaccine also creates a 24 percent increase in mortality among the people who are vaccinated.

“That means that 1 in every 4 children who take the vaccine is going to die in the near future, even those who are not going to die are going to suffer from cerebral malaria,seizures and hallucinations and have a tenfold increase of meningitis,” he said.

“How can even that be rolled out? How do they pass the protocols supposed we have any? The document I’m talking about I got it from the Ministry of Health, they know what I’m talking about but they don’t care. You have heard Bill Gates saying that they will use the new vaccines to reduce the population of the world by 10 to 15 percent. That is almost 1 billion people.”

Kabuleta further urged the parents to protect their children against the vaccine at all costs.

He said instead of going for the dangerous vaccine, Ugandans should instead get mosquito nets which are cheaper and more effective than the former.

“The dose of the vaccine costs about Shs70,000 yet a mosquito net is much less than that. And do not just get any mosquito net because some of them are dangerous,” he concluded.

Kabuleta’s caution comes at a time when the Ministry of Health is planning to introduce the malaria vaccine next year.

“Uganda is expected to introduce the Malaria vaccine between April and May 2024. Ghana piloted the Malaria vaccine in 2019 together with Malaria followed by Kenya,” the Ministry of Health tweeted on 27th June,2023.

And while in Parliament last year, the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng revealed that the government was ready to start the implementation of the malaria vaccine at the end of 2023.

“We are ready for the implementation of the malaria vaccine. It may be introduced at the end of next year and is mainly for children. It is not 100 percent effective but we appreciate that it could bring the burden of malaria down,” Dr. Aceng told MPs while responding to prayers in motion urging the government to strengthen efforts to prevent, control and eliminate transmission of malaria in Uganda.

She added that the money that is spent on malaria is currently donor funded and from partnerships.

“We spend over US$120 million on malaria treatment annually with majorly donor support. We have also gone into partnerships with the private sector and Rotary who support various interventions,” the Minister added.

Meanwhile,malaria is the leading cause of death worldwide and it poses special danger to pregnant mothers and children under the age of five.
According to the Health sector performance report 2021-2022, malaria is the leading cause of death in the country, killing 16 Ugandans daily.


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