ISO Chief Lectures University Students On How To Become Potential Leaders

The Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), Lieutenant Colonel Emmy Katabazi, has urged the students of Kampala International University (KIU) to embrace studying society before they become potential leaders of their communities.

The ISO boss made these remarks while delivering a lecture of opportunity during a one-day meeting organized by the guild leadership of KIU on October 25, 2023.

According to Katabazi, one cannot change something they do not understand because to change society, a person must first determine the areas in which change is necessary and then orchestrate that change through the use of technology.

He noted that transforming society is not about age but ideological uprightness, emphasizing that at Senior Six, President Museveni had already made up his mind that the then-education in Makerere could not help him and his colleagues liberate the country, which is why they went to Mozambique to learn techniques of fighting to liberate the country.

According to Katabazi, the other factor that can cause the transformation of society is the level of technological development.

“Production forces combined with production relations, social and technical, form an economic base, and the economic base can only change by the level of technological development,” Katabazi said.

He added that the mastery of science is imperative to the socio-economic transformation of the country, which is why President Museveni has time and again emphasized the evolution of science to develop Uganda.

“The reason why some European countries colonized Africa is because they were more technologically developed than their colonial states. Therefore, as young leaders, you should embrace science, advance in technology, and become independent,” he added.

Katabazi emphasized that students are not too young to cause a revolution in the socio-economic transformation of the country.

Kampala University students commended the ISO boss for the lecture of opportunity and his pledge to organize a retreat of mindset for the varsity students.(explorer)




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