Terrible! Wanted City Land Grabber Opens Fire On Cops While Resisting Arrest

In a shocking turn of events, a wanted criminal Yusuf Ssemakula involved in multiple incidents of alleged land grabbing activities in Kampala city was engaged in a violent confrontation with law enforcement officers during his arrest in Munyonyo, a high-end suburb.

The suspect opened fire on the police commandos from Crime Intelligence (CI) while resisting arrest, leading to a tense and dangerous situation.

The incident unfolded Monday when a team of officers from CI attempted to apprehend Ssemakula on charges of threatening to end life of a city businesswoman after grabbing her property and defrauding her of shs 1.4 billion.

The business woman’s attempt to get justice was thwarted by nearly all Police offices in Kampala until she thought help from Director CI Brig Christopher Damulira.

It would later turn out that Mr Ssemakula had godfathers within top echelons of the Police establishment that always shielded his illicit activities.

“He nearly put all cops of payroll, paying school fees for their children, buying them new cars and renting some of them lavish apartments,” a source said.

But a no nonsense UPDF officer Brig Damulira was hell bent on giving the complainant justice by authorizing the arrest of Ssemakula before harm could be inflicted on the businesswoman who reported how she would be trailed by men on motorbikes.

Handcuffed Ssemakula was remanded upto 14 November

The suspect, who had been evading authorities for an extended period, displayed a blatant disregard for the law by resorting to gunfire.

According to eyewitnesses, the scene quickly turned chaotic as the suspect fiercely resisted arrest. Shots were fired to cops but no one was injured.

CI operatives swiftly responded to the situation, deploying additional units to contain the escalating violence and Ssemakula was arrested and an attempted murder charge slapped against him at Kabalagala Police Station.

On Wednesday afternoon was arraigned before the Kira Chief Magistrates Court on Charges of Malicious Damage to Property.

It is alleged that between 14th and 28th December 2022, at Buloli Namugongo- Kira division, Wakiso district, the accused maliciously destroyed property belonging to 99 year old Namazzi Helena.

Yusuf Ssemakula was remanded until 14/11/2023 as his other files are being worked.

Credit: Trumpet News


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