‘Almost All Female Artistes Are His’ – Eddy Kenzo’s Whooper Reportedly Breaks Down Music Federation

Reliable sources have it that, Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jasmine have been feasting on the same man.

It is reported that Eddy Kenzo has been sponsoring both singers and showering them with gifts, money and a smart whopper.

However, we’ve learnt that things turned sour when Carol found out that Lydia was also seeing the same man behind her back. She decided to cut ties with her on social media.

It is not clear how the love triangle will affect their music careers and their relationship with their fans.

“When you look at a man like Kenzo, can you tell me he has no woman? Can he fail to get a woman?” she said during an interview with Galaxy FM when one of the hosts said he would wish to see her dating Kenzo.

“That man has a lot of women… there are a lot of women that like him’, Nantongo said.

When she was asked to name some of the women, she said, “I don’t want to leak secrets.”

Kenzo was always non-committal on their relationship status during media interviews.

He has also been said to have dated the singer Lydia Jazmine but both have denied the rumours, saying they are just friends.


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