UPC Asks Govt To Mitigate Effects Climate Change

The opposition party of Uganda people’s Congress (UPC)  has asked government of Uganda to prepare for climate change that leads to floods and destruction of property.

As by, Uganda National Meteorological Authority(UNMA) it is said that Uganda is yet to receive torrential rains, which most times leave many places covered with floods, mudslides, destruction of houses, plantations and lives the situation that the country is already facing.

UPC’s head of media & communications Faizo Muzeyi  revealed that such Natural disasters have always left devastating destruction that calls for emergency assistance to save lives.

He adds that, all rapid response disaster units need to be fully facilitated and deployed to save lives especially the disaster prone areas.

He however singled out the latest experience of river Kafu that burst its bank in Mengo Sub-County, Masindi district and the high volumes of water submerged people’s homes leaving many families homeless, property and livestock destroyed.(Rsapati)


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