Greatness : UIA Wins International Award To Boost Investment In Uganda


The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has bagged the prestigious Go Global Awards for its distinguished efforts in making Uganda the number one investment destination in the continent.

The UIA Director General, Robert Mukiza received the news of the award, which has enhanced the country’s investment outlook, from Nina Escarda, the Senior Trade Commissioner of the International Trade Council.
“We are thrilled to inform you that your agency is among the recipients of this year’s award. Congratulations on your remarkable achievement,” said Escarda.

Each year, the Go Global Awards assessment encompasses 680 investment promotion agencies, including both ITC member agencies and non-members who participated in ITC-sponsored events. This rigorous evaluation is conducted by a prestigious committee, which includes Senator David Wells, Viscount Lord Waverley, Ambassador Sven Jurgensoon, Hon Iain Evans, Hon Charles Mok, Ranjani Rangan, and a group of economic development agencies.

Mukiza attributed the development to the commitment by his agency to reduce the cost of doing business in Uganda and generally facilitate investment.
“The award is a testimony of our unwavering efforts to promote and attract investment into Uganda, making our country the third most rewarding economy to invest in on the whole continent of Africa,” he said.

Adding: “The security of a person and property, liberal economic regime and the President’s dedication to ensuring access to the markets of the East African Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Arica, the African Continental Free Trade Area as well as the European Union, China and others, make Uganda a very profitable investment destination,” Mukiza said.

The Go Global Awards ceremony, held concurrently with the business awards presentation, is a collaborative effort between the International Trade Council and the International Centre for Trade Transparency. Rhode Island Commerce Corporation hosted the event this year, with last year’s event being hosted by Enterprise Estonia (Both government FDI agencies).

The gala dinner was inaugurated by Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce, Elizabeth Tanner. Distinguished guests included Gina Raimondo, the United States Secretary of Commerce, and James Golsen, Deputy Director General, US Secretary of Commerce.

The event was emceed by Ranjani Rangan, Chairperson Elect of the International Trade Council, and featured Senator David Wells, H.E. Ambassador Sven Jurgenson, Hon Charles Mok, and Hon Iain Evans from the International Centre for Trade Transparency.

Over 500 companies across 83 countries, alongside 46 government economic development agencies participated in the prestigious award.

The UIA Board Chairman, Morrison Rwakakamba said the award represents the implementation of great policies under President Yoweri Museveni.
“The National Resistance Movement Government under the leadership of H.E Yoweri Museveni has implemented correct policies that reduce the cost of doing business and engendered a safe, stable and predictable environment for investors to make medium and long term investment decisions,” said Rwakakamba.


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