‘Those are bad elements of Progress trying to divert us’, MP Aloysius Mukasa Rubbishes Debt Claims

Lubaga South Member of Parliament, Hon. Aloysius Mukasa has vehemently dustbinned allegations of being burdened by debts.

Speaking to our reporter earlier today, he categorically dismisses these claims as a deliberate attempt by his political adversaries to undermine his dedication and commitment to serving his constituents. The legislator further dismissed claims that he had sold off the ambulance and a water tanker he had donated to his constituency, allegedly to clear his debts: something he said is untrue.

“First of all, the ambulance had outlived its purpose and it had to be disposed of. And the story about the water tanker is equally false with no basis. Those are people who are envious of the humble contribution I have made to the people of Lubaga South and just want to undermine my legacy” Hon. Mukasa responded when we sought his side of the story.

The legislature further noted that it is not the first time his opponents have used underhand methods to antagonize him, noting that this has happened not only in Lubaga South but also in other areas.
“You recall that the ambulance they are talking about was impounded by security agencies (for no particular reason) during the Kayunga By-election where I had deployed it to support Harriet Nakwedde. It was shot several times and it spent almost a year impounded at police stations including Wandegeya. It had become a DMC and outlived its purpose”

He also narrates how after several verbal threats, he woke up one day to find the driver’s cabin of the water tanker, which he had deployed to provide free water to his voters, strewn with petrol -which is highly flammable. To show that they were serious, the unknown assailants left a matchbox lighter in the front seat with a warning that the tanker would soon be set ablaze.
“Unfortunately I don’t know these people but investigations are still on to ascertain who exactly they are. At times when the danger is quite clear, you try to avoid it. You don’t wait for it to happen” He said, saying he has already contacted suppliers to procure a new ambulance to replace the old one.

Asked whether he is sure these criminal incidents are entirely politically related, Mukasa responded in the affirmative but could not rule out the connections between these criminal groups and the state.
“We had a Constituency Office in Ndeeba but had to close it after persistent threats from individuals in security, who intimated the landlord. That is why we are yet to disclose the location of our new office. You will know after everything has been concluded and all set for its launch” he added.

“My brother, I have no Debt, and I am serving the people of Lubaga South. Those malicious reports are meant to divert us” the legislator confidently stated.

When we asked him about some of the achievements he can speak to, Mukasa was quick to point out his efforts in lobbying for infrastructure projects in his area, and the mobilization programs he has spearheaded especially targeting the youth, who before, were constantly being harassed by police.

“I have been at the forefront of lobbying for road projects including Suuna Road which is currently under construction, but also works on Mawanda Road are about to start. Mawanda Road is the one which passes along Wankulukuku stadium.”

“I have also spearheaded public health programs including work on several drainage channels within Lubaga South, but also through mobilization and sensitization meetings, we have ensured that the huge numbers of youths were being arrested by security under the guise of idle and disorderly, have reduced.

“My plan is now to see that our people get the services they deserve. We have plans to embark on sensitization campaigns to have parents across the constituency appreciate the benefits of keeping children in school, and facilitate women to engage in income-generating activities instead of waiting to have all their needs serviced by men” he hang up.


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