UMSC Loses Bid to Halt To Auction To Properties


The Court of Appeal has declined to block the sale of property owned by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council worth Shs 19 billion to clear a debt.

The dispute arises from a 2020 land sale agreement between businessman Justus Kyabahwa and the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council for the sale of land located in Sembabule for Shs 3.5 billion.

However, Kyabahwa could not take possession of the said lands since they had already been leased out for 15 years.

UMSC had to refund his money immediately but it did not. Justice Christopher Gashirabake has therefore ordered the UMSC to pay Kyabahwa his Shs 19 billion by December 24, 2023, or lose their property, including the headquarters in Kampala.

Kyabahwa’s lawyer, Ahmed Kalule, has addressed journalists to express readiness for the auction of the designated properties if the UMSC fails to settle the outstanding debt.


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