Min.Mao Tasks Gov’t To Adopt Solutions To National Questions Through Dialogue

The DP President, Hon. Norbert Mao, during a press conference at City House, called upon the government and Uganda’s political leaders to adopt solutions to the eight questions through national dialogue. According to Mao, if Ugandans agreed to dialogue on such issues, it would mitigate any political crisis and create a transition.

“I urge the government to involve all stakeholders to genuinely answer the Buganda question, Rwenzori region questions, Northern Uganda question, Karamoja question, Land question, Youth question, Military question, and Equity question for reconciliation purposes,” Mao stated.

He said the Buganda region issue should be addressed so that stakeholders understand that the rest of the country cannot leave without Buganda and vice versa.

However, he added on to say the Buganda issue is about dealing with distrust because some have reduced it to the burning of the Kasubi tombs, which happened on March 16, 2010, and stopping the Kabaka from going to Bugerere and Masaza.

“The unhealthy relationship between Buganda and Uganda is extremely bad for nation-building since there are people in government who tell the leaders outrageous lies to undermine the relationship on both sides,” he said.

Moa revealed during the press conference that DP will begin regional mobilisation and sensitization of DP activities on December 1, 2023, in Mbarara, Masaka, Mbale City, greater Mubende, greater Mukono, greater North, and finally greater Kampala.

DP is also planning a 70th anniversary celebration in 2024, including a pilgrimage to the late founders of the party, Ben Kiwanuka and Paul Ssemwogere.

According to Mao, the goal of this country tour, is to awaken and strengthen party structures.


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