Uganda Has Always Had A Peaceful Transfer Of Power-Emmanuel Businge

By,Businge Emmanuel

I read with dismay a statement attributed to the Justice and constitutional Affairs Minister Hon Nobert Mao requesting President Museveni to Prepare for a peaceful Transfer of Power.

To me,its more of reinventing the wheel asking for another approach to transfer power peacefully outside that provided for in the constitutional.

The Question repeatedly reechoed by several career politicians was long catered for in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda . Every Five Years ,Ugandans go to the polls to elect /transfer power from one leader to another at various Positions . Article 98 (supra) provides for the requirements and process for one to contest as President Of Uganda .

It is most likely that Some People think transfer of Power should only carry Meaning when it is from President Museveni to another Person and yet the transfer is in the mandate .

Therefore, Every Time President Museveni is entrusted the mantle of President by the majority of Ugandans means a transfer of Power an act that should be respected by all constitutionalists Uganda prides itself in a pattern of behaviour elaborating the principle guiding the determination of Leadership including the Presidency to the effect that by adult suffrage a President is elected amongst the aspirants for that particular position a process that is a peaceful one.

By and large, for those who define the transfer of power to mean only from Museveni to another person the opportunity is reckoning with the 2026 general elections around the corner. As long as the Majority is convinced by the manifestos of the candidates against that of candidate Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa then the meaning will hold water but as long as President Museveni still has better plans for this country then the wait will be a little bit longer.

The Suggestion by Hon Nobert Mao that any other developments like the construction of industrial parks, high ways be halted at the expense of “peaceful transfer “as alleged is not only misplaced but unfortunate as well. Ugandans are fond of having the two going in tandem- Peaceful Transfer and implementation of Projects like industrial Parks, Roads, Hospitals /Health Centers etc.

In a nutshell, President Museveni is not a president of his own accord but rather the trust and confidence Ugandans have in Him. It’s most unlikely, that Ugandans can undertake a game of gambling at the cost of a tested Leader credited for the peace and stability of Uganda.

Businge Emmanuel
DRCC -Fort Portal Central Division 


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