Amb. Quillino Bamwine Leads Eswatini Delegation in Exploring Uganda’s Local Governance and Cultural Heritage

Uganda’s Ministry of Local Government continues to shine as a model of governance excellence, attracting attention and praise from international counterparts. Recently, a delegation from the Tinkhundla Administration and Development Ministry in Eswatini visited Uganda to learn from their local government systems.

Led by Minister Sikhumbuzo Dlamini, the delegation had a clear goal: to understand the intricacies of Uganda’s governance structure. With Eswatini undergoing decentralization efforts, the visit aimed to gather insights and best practices to guide their reforms.

The delegation didn’t just stay in conference rooms and offices; they ventured into the heart of Uganda’s municipalities and districts, immersing themselves in the operational dynamics of Entebbe Municipality, Jinja, and Iganga Districts. Through site visits and interactions with local officials, they sought a comprehensive understanding of Uganda’s grassroots governance.

A delegation from Eswatini welcomed in Busoga Kingdom

In addition to governance matters, the visit also had a diplomatic aspect. The delegation visited Busoga Kingdom, known for its rich tradition and cultural heritage.

Welcomed by Kyabazinga (King) William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV and his ministers at the Igenge Palace, discussions went beyond bureaucracy to strengthen bonds of friendship.

The King commended the Eswatini delegation’s dedication to learning and cultural exchange. In return, the delegation gained valuable insights into Busoga’s local government initiatives, showcasing innovative approaches to community development.

Kyabazinga (King) William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV (l) with Minister Sikhumbuzo Dlamini from Eswatini

Minister Sikhumbuzo, reflecting on the visit, expressed profound appreciation for Uganda’s local government policies, citing them as a source of inspiration for Eswatini’s reform efforts. Promising to distil their learnings and insights for the benefit of their sovereign, the minister emphasized the importance of collaborative partnerships in fostering mutual growth and development.

Honorary Consul Quillino Bamwine, the Eswatini Ambassador in Uganda who spearheaded the delegation, underscored the robust communication channels between Eswatini and Uganda.

He praised Busoga’s entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in the realm of sugarcane production, as an area ripe for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

H.E Quillino Bamwine, the Eswatini Ambassador in Uganda addressing the media at Igeme Palace

In the same spirit of cultural exchange and diplomatic engagement, the delegation proceeded to the esteemed Buganda Kingdom, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing dialogue between kingdoms and embarking on a journey to deepen their understanding of Buganda’s rich heritage and administrative framework.

At the historic Buganda Kingdom Headquarters, Bulange Mengo, the delegation was graciously received by Oweek. David F. K. Mpanga, Minister of Lands and Properties for Buganda Kingdom, and Kyaddondo County Chief (Kaggo), Oweek. Hajj Ahmed Matovu Magandaazi.

Oweek. Mpanga set the tone for the engagement by emphasizing the importance of unity among African nations in preserving cultural identities and heritage.

H.E Quillino Bamwine with Oweek. David F. K. Mpanga

Delving into the intricacies of Buganda’s administrative structure, he provided invaluable insights into the Kingdom’s governance under the esteemed leadership of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and various developmental initiatives spearheaded by the Kingdom.

Following the enlightening discussions, the delegation was treated to an immersive tour of the Great Buganda Lukiiko, a testament to the Kingdom’s rich history and legislative prowess.

A delegation from Eswatini with Buganda Kingdom officials at Buganda Kingdom Headquarters

Against the backdrop of this historic site, the delegation gained a deeper appreciation for Buganda’s enduring legacy in shaping East African governance.

Through Ambassador Quillino Bamwine’s guidance, the Eswatini delegation’s journey through Uganda’s local government dynamics and cultural traditions served as a testament to the power of diplomacy and cultural exchange in fostering closer relations between nations.

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H.E Quillino Bamwine at Buganda Kingdom Headquarters

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