Gen.Gutti Grants Former Mp Kipoi Bail


Kipoi and co-accused soldiers

General court Martial  has granted bail to former Bubulo West Member of Parliament Tony Nsubuga Kipoi.

The army court chair man Lt General Andrew Gutti also released Rogers Mweru, Yunus Lemertga, Ifosiga Saidi Dodla, Cassim Adams Mawa, Sergeant Okeng, James Shimali and Yusuf Kiisa who are accused of plotting with Kipoi to overthrow Ugandan government.

The suspects have been ordered to report to the registrar of the court every first Thursday of the month. Kopoi and his co accused were released on bail without sureties as it is provided for in the constitution.

State accuses Kipoi’sgroup and others still at large between November 2012 and December 2013 convened meetings in areas of Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka, Jinja, Nakasongola and Ntoroko with intent to overthrow government.

They are allegedly to have organized meetings, mobilizing funds, acquiring firearms and military training in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and recruited people into Allied Democratic Forces ranks with an aim of attacking Uganda.

Kipoi was extradited from Botswana in March 2018 after he had reportedly conned unsuspecting number of Tswanas in Botswana pretending to be a witchdoctor. He was however arraigned before the army court together with his co-accused on offences related to security.

In April, Kipoi applied for amnesty and denounced all the rebel activities. Through his lawyer Major Ronald Iduuli petitioned the Amnesty Commission asking them not to allow any application for amnesty by Kipoi

Kipoi told court he had been misled into acts of waging war against the Ugandan government and asked for pardon.

It was on this basis that Gen.Gutti found it prudent to release Kipoi because he had shown some traits of reforming.

Recently   High court Judge Jane Francis Abodo denied Kipoi bail on the grounds that the suspect is charged with a grave offence related to security before a General court martial which is also has jurisdictions to handle his bail application.



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