Rwanda Security Agencies Arrested Me On Wrong Intelligence – Horizon Bus Manager


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Horizon bus manager who was recently arrested by Rwandan security agencies at the Uganda-Rwanda border of Chanika in Kisoro district has been released.

Mr.Sebizuru was arrested by Rwandan security officials on Wednesday evening as he was planning to go to Ruhengeri town in the Northern Province of Rwanda to pick his company’s money.

It was established that Mr.Sebizuru received a phone call from the Manager of Jaguar Bus Company in Ruhengeri town asking him to cross to Rwanda and pick money for banking, on behalf of his company.

He was cleared by both Uganda and Rwandan Immigration officials to cross to Ruhengeri to move .However; he was intercepted at the border while crossing back to Uganda and questioned why he was carrying huge sums of Ugandan money. He reported had exchanged Rwandan francs worth 5 million Shillings.

After serious intervention from Uganda authorities, Rwandan government bowed to pressure and unconditionally released the suspect without any charge.

After regaining his freedom,Sebuzuru told Daily Monitor that he was on Friday night driven to Cyanika border at about 9:30pm under police escort but later driven back to Kigali city where the police car was refueled before they transported him to Gatuna, a Rwandan border town with where he was released.
“We reached at Cyanika border on Friday at around 9:30pm but because they were very many people waiting for me on the Ugandan side, the Rwandan security officials opted to drive me back to Kigali city where the police vehicle I was being driven in was refuelled before they drove me and left me at Gatuna border at around 3:00am on Saturday, with instructions to the border security personnel to help me cross to Uganda without being harmed and disturbed by anybody,” Mr Sebuzuru said.

He added that he stayed at Gatuna border till 7:00am when he crossed to Katuna border on the Uganda side cleared by immigration and jumped on a vehicle to Kabale town where he got one that took him to Kisoro town.
“After my arrest on Wednesday at Cyanika border, I was taken to Rwanda police headquarters and later to the Rwanda Criminal investigations department headquarters where I was interrogated from over a wide range of things that I cannot disclose. While in detention, I was
treated as diplomat because nobody harmed me or took away any of my belongings,” Mr Sebuzuru said.
He added that the Rwandan investigators told him that they were given wrong information about him and it was the reason that he was released


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