Security, Top Sebei Leader Hunt For Top Homo Advocate Moses Kirwana


Wanted;Moses Kirwana

Some men from Mbale in Sebei community in Eastern Uganda are hunting for a top Uganda‘s advocate for minority groups like LGBT who recently went missing due to support and defence for homosexual activities in the country.

After too much torture and Humiliation from Ugandan state security agencies, Moses Kirwana who was severely mistreated by Ugandan tradition and conservative state machinery while vandalizing his offices and opening up several tramped up cases sought refugee in several independent areas where human rights are respected but kept supporting Ugandans to open up spaces for all kinds of cultures.

According to the information we garnered, after the death of his parents, an old man from Mbale [one Yozefu Mafabi Mbiyo]started claiming to be his father.

The wrangles went on until Moses had to run away because he doesn’t believe in primitive cultures like female genital mutilation or incineration of kids and human sacrifices based in such rituals.

He moved to Kampala with some of his siblings because his mother had earlier secured them some funding.

But Mafabi kept demanding that Moses returns to home and officially become his son, which he vehemently rejected.

It is confirmed that with the help of Ugandan authorities, some funds have been put up for anybody who knows where Moses is currently residing to tell his cultural elders or security.

According to Sebei culture, anyone who leaves their community before he turns 50 years, has to be arrested and taken back to undergo their local rituals like public circumcision etc.

So Yozefu and his group are looking for Moses after learning from security that their purported son had joined a team of homosexuals.

His son is currently nursing wounds after he was recently knocked down while coming from school by the people suspected to sorcerers or local traditionalists from his community.

After studies, Moses became an aide to the former Extreme forensics owner Mr. Hassan Dawa and is also wanted on charges of aiding and abetting homosexuality contrary to Anti Homosexuality Bill 2014.

Mr Moses Kirwana has been helping homosexuals by supplying food and anti-retroviral medication to gays and lesbians.

Ugandan security authorities are busy requesting that whoever knows his whereabouts should contact the nearest police services.

Some of his family members on several occasions have been attacked by security agencies who treat homosexual people as outcasts of the society.

Recently, police and other military operatives attacked Hassan’s home, tortured his closest persons to coma to extract information on the whereabouts of their outspoken son.

This was after suspicion that they have received some funds to promote homosexuality across the country which is termed illegal in conservative Ugandan cultures.


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