Top Senior Minority Defender Family Mistreated, Siblings Go Missing


Florence Kayitesi

Ever since Justine Rurinda left Uganda due to torture and humiliation by Ugandan state agencies for coming up to support the rights of sexual minorities to be permitted to also live in communities freely like any other nationals.

Her family on several occasions has been attacked by security agencies who treat homosexual people as the outcasts of the society.

Recently, police and other military operatives stormed the residence of Rurinda, tortured her father to coma as the way of extracting information on the whereabouts of his daughters on suspicion that they received some funds to promote homosexuality across the country which is termed as illegal in conservative Ugandan cultures.

Rurinda’s siblings were not left out as they were whisked in several military detention centers to extract information from them. Up to now nobody know where they are putting up because they are suspected to be in dungeons. One of her local sisters Florence Keyitesi was not spared. She was picked from her educational establishment, tortured as she tried to resist such illegal arrest.

She was sexually abused by male officers on the grounds that she was supporting western culture which was anti African settings.

Keyitesi’s family on several times has been attacked by Ugandan security organs, mistreated, tortured, put in illegal military detentions and their human rights abused on suspicion that they could be favoring liberation and giving out a Samaritan’s hand for homosexuals and other transgender groups in the country.


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