Most Police Stations Are Full Of Thugs-IGP Ochola


The inspector General of police Martin Okoth Ochola has rewarded the best performing Police Districts/ Divisions and appreciating the friends of Police and partners for the year 2018 in the fight against crime.

Furious Ochola started his message by warning all his police officers against corruption tendencies,armed robberies ,illegal detentions of citizens,mishandling of files and torture.

”It was envisaged that this exercise will serve as a wake up call to unit commanders and supervisors to strive and improve delivery of policing services and both RPCs and DPCs present should take note”he said

The results of the assessment indicate that the following districts/divisions which complied with the submission of data on the required parameters had the following performance;

v Yumbe district with the highest average score of 73% emerged the winner.

v Kumi district with an average score of 71% emerged as 1st runner-up.

v Katwe K’abatooro with an average score of 70% was the second runner-up.

Similarly, individuals, organization, and communities that were identified and recommended in 2018 are;

1. SCOUL – For renovation of Lugazi Police Station and construction CFPU offices at Lugazi Police Station.

2. Kiwanga Community – For construction of Kiwanga Police Post in Goma Division, Mukono municipality.

3. BMK – For construction of Wampewo Police Post.

4. Ziroobwe Community – For renovation of Ziroobwe Police Station in Ziroobwe Town, Luwero District.

5. Nakivubo Mews Community– For construction of Nakivubo Mews Police Post.

6. Ngoobe Community – For construction of Ngoobe Police Post – Kajjansi.

7. Biyinzika – For construction of female and juvenile cells at Jinja Road Police Station.

8. Fourways Group of Companies – For construction of Golo Police Post in Mpigi and Lambu Police Station in Masaka.

9. Winterland Primary School – Kyebando– Composed 3 songs to mobilize the community against crime.



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