Nile Breweries Speaks Out On Losing Vital Info On Hacked Account

The management of Nile Breweries Limited (NBL)  has finally come out and settled the dust after they confirmed their website was hacked into by unknown people on Tuesday.

The company’s website was hacked into between 10 am -11am on Tuesday, and all its content deleted.

The hacker posted a video on the website demanding that the company, one of Uganda’s top beer producers, releases to the public a classified formula of one of their beer products within 24 hours.

The statement from Nile Breweries

The hacker went ahead and threatened to release the said formula when the ultimatum expires to their own peril.

Following the incident, NBL Legal and Corporate Affairs Director Onapito Ekomoloit issued a statement in which the Company acknowledged the hacking.

The statement titled ‘RESPONSE TO CIRCULATING VIDEO’, states thus;
‘Nile Breweries Ltd would like to acknowledge that we have seen the video circulating on on out website this morning at our head offices in Luzira, Kampala,We are taking this matter seriously and  are moving quickly to establish the details.”

The statement adds that; “We have mobilized a response team and shall provide other updates as soon as information we received is verified”.

This confirmation cleared the suspicion that was surrounding the whole saga,some alleging it was just a marketing stunt.


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