M7 Commissions 9 Factories At Namunkekera Industrial Park


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday commissioned 9 factories operating in the Namunkekera Industrial park, in Kapeeka, Nakaseke district.

The factories, which produce various assorted products and have created lots of employment opportunities for people in Kapeka, Nakaseke district, Luweero Triangle.

President Museveni poses with some of the investors and security minister Elly Tumwine (2ndR)

While commenting about the official launch of the Industrial Park, president Museveni tweeted thus; “Commissioned nine factories at Namunkekera Industrial Park at Kapeeka, Nakaseke District. The factories are manufacturing concrete products, agricultural products, food items, electrical appliances, shoes and fishnets among others.”

President Museveni interacts with one of the factory workers

There are however 16 factories currently operating in the Namunkekera Industrial park and while commenting about the great work Museveni noted that; “The 16 factories  so far employ 2,500 people directly and the projection is 8,000 in the next few years. Additionally, government will rehabilitate Kapeka Secondary School and  Butalango Technical College so that they supply human resource to the industrial park.”

President Yoweri Museveni greets factory workers

He added that “We are also making a case for market integration so that ultimately, these products have adequate market. It explains our push for a vibrant EAC, COMESA and strong links with partner countries like China, the EU among others.”
Museveni also noted that; “This investment is also made possible by our deliberate policy to promote liberalisation, enabling private investors to put money where they see opportunities.”

He added that “This Industrial park is proof that when you sort out certain issues, development happens. With the peasants in Luweero here, we launched a struggle that birthed peace and stability, resulting into the investments we see now.”The President also commended the Chinese investors for the great work they are doing at promoting the Industrial revolution in Uganda.

Factory workers welcome President Museveni to Namunkekera Industrial park

“I congratulate Liao Shen group and the people of Kapeka for this achievement, I am optimistic that with these good policies and available peace, we shall achieve more,” Museveni observed.

He added that “I thank Mr Zhane Hao, the Managing Director of Liao Shen, who is at the helm of this initiative (the park). I am also happy to note that the factories here are contributing to value addition, buying maize, mangoes and other fruits from the population.”

About the impact on the environment and climatic change factors, Museveni noted that”On the environment, NEMA will have to come and advise on factories that produce fumes, but also the locals should vacate swamps and stop cutting trees.”


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