NRM SG Lumumba Remarries Embattled Husband


Justine Kasule Lumumba, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, has today renewed her marriage vows with husband Patrick Lumumba.

Our Spy reveals that the Lumumbas renewed their marital vows at a magnificent ceremony that was held at Rubaga Cathedral on Wednesday afternoon.

After the ceremony, they treated their guests, who included Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) stalwart Salamu Musumba, to a sumptuous banquet at a city hotel.

The Lumumbas renewing their vows

However, it should be noted that the Lumumbas had developed marital woes a few years ago which had seen them separate beds.

But after a lot of intervention from relatives, friends and NRM colleagues, the powerful Justine is said to have succumbed to Lumumba’s Wire Power and decided to open her Garden of Eden for  him once again.

FDC’s Salamu Musumba was among the guests

Despite all the developments,  Justine’s neighbours in Namilyango, off Jinja Road where she has a swanky bungalow, reveal that Lumumba is still a visitor at his wife’s crib.

Justine and Patrick Lumumba walking down the aisle

The Secretary General’s convoy is often spotted cruising past Seeta heading to Namilyango but neighbours intimate that  Mr. Lumumba’s car is only seen a few times at her crib.

It should be noted Lumumba is a lecturer at Kyambogo University where he has a house and whenever his wife is busy with NRM duties he is lecturing students and  blowing chalk dust.


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