Gen.Tumwine Blasts Lt.Gen.Angina’’ Don’t Misuse Security Forces For Your Own Personal Interests’’

The Minister for security Gen.Elly Tumwine has publicly attacked former Deputy UPDF Chief of Defense Forces Lt.Gen. Charles Angina for misusing his UPDF escorts and police to harass unarmed civilians.

Tough talking Gen.Tumwine rushed to scene in Muyenga ,a leafy Kampala suburb after getting a call from a city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira that Gen.Angina fronting one of his aides Dr.Dan Khingi had trespassed into his land .

Gen.Tumwine found, Lt.Gen.Angina had deployed police and army to block Kirumira and his group from disrupting the ongoing demolition works. Minister Tumwine could not hold his anger anymore, he immediately attacked Gen.Angina whom he accused using using  security forces to gain his personal interests.He later stopped all the works taking place until all matters are amicably resolved.

”Why do you do this in the night­? Why not during the day? Don’t abuse our forces, have you heard? You and the police don’t abuse our forces. we all have wrangles; we all have disagreements but we don’t use force like this. We have worked so hard to preserve the image of our forces; this is a small matter which would have been resolved amicably. Where are the KCCA letters giving the instructions that is a wrong boundary? It should be KCCA to bring its enforcement not you, you are just using your personal interests here’’Gen.Tumwine roaring at Angina.

The wrangle started when recently, city businessman Godfrey Kirumira, the chairman of Kwagalana Group,who is nursing  several injuries was clobbered by soldiers on  the order of Gen.Charles Angina who is behind the land conflict in Muyenga uphill land.

Kirumira was whipped, kicked and slapped by soldiers in Muyenga, where he had gone to inspect the land which is next to his International Hotel Muyenga to block any development from Angina” men.

As he was still questioning who the new developers were, a scuffle ensued at the scene and soldiers started   clobbering him, he ran for his dear life and even forgot his shoes at the scene of the beating.

It is said that before getting clobbered, Kirumira first engaged in a bitter quarrel with the soldiers over land, but they later lost their patience and reigned terror on him.

After surviving the thorough beating, Kirumira ran to his home, showered and was rushed to a nearby clinic for medical attention.

He is currently nursing the injuries he sustained after being taught a lesson he will never forget by the soldiers.




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