Tragedy As Julie Angume Lover Shuns Own Kwanjula

Gospel singer Julie Semugga Agume  who is widow of fallen musician Martin Angume, almost shed tears  this week after her  new lover identified as Samuel Sekajugo Musoke snubbed their Kwanjula ceremony.

Samuel Sekajugo’s photo that Julie Angume introduced

Julie and Sekajugo, who is based in Sweden, has organised a massive Kwanjula and invited a few of their friends to attend the function.

However, come the D-Day, guests waited for Julie’s fiancé in vain. Frantic calls were made everywhere by Julie, her relatives and friends with hope that maybe Sekajugo could be stuck in jam or somewhere in Kampala but all efforts to trace him were futile.

Julie Angume at her Kwanjula

Left with no other option and a way of saving face, Julie and her family members quickly devised the idea of introducing Sekajugo’s photo.

So as guests waited for the Muko (fiancé) to show up, they were shocked to see ushers at the function bringing Sekajugo’s photograph which they sat or rather placed on a plastic chair.

Thereafter the function proceeded like everything else was normal and the guests enjoyed their food amidst rumours, murmurings, whispers and many unanswered questions.

However, word has it  that although Sekajugo was in the country, his first wife only identified as Nalongo in the Netherlands, who got twins a few weeks ago, had also flown into the country to cause havoc in the Kwanjula.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that even the wedding has been relocated to Nairobi,Kenya for security reasons. elite


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