Bobi Wine Will Never Be Our UPDF Commander In Chief – UPDF Commander

A senior UPDF officer who is also one of the National Resistance Army heroes has said Kyadondo East Member of Parliament cum singer, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine will never be commander in chief of the armed forces in Uganda.

Bobi Wine was recently allowed by the Electoral Commission to consult Ugandans on his presidential bid ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Speaking to a congregation at Butologo hill on Wednesday during the fifth day of the NRA great trek code-named Africa Kwetu, Captain Sula Sserunjogi said he cannot think of life with the legislator cum singer as the commander in chief of the UPDF.

“There are those coming with their trousers. You the youths should know that the president is the commander in chief of the army. You expect Bobi Wine to be our commander in chief? ”Capt.Sserunjogi wondered.

“It is unimaginable seeing Bobi Wine sit in the office that he (Museveni) is occupying. It is true this country has democracy but we can’t allow such a thing to happen (Bobi Wine being commander in chief).”

Since coming to the political scene, over two years ago, Bobi Wine has been credited by many for using music as a tool to front his agenda through the numerous songs he has released during this period.

However, Capt.Sserunjogi dismissed the narrative saying that for many years, music has been used to disorganize the country’s politics.

“The destruction of the country’s politics stemmed from Ugandans who released stupid songs,” he added, citing songs creating hatred between Ben Kiwanuka and Apollo Milton Obote as examples of music that damaged the country’s politics.

The bush war hero who also served as Resident District Commissioner for over 20 years said there were so many atrocities committed by the past governments, noting that the five year NRA war saved the country a great deal.

He also urged youths to always respect the former bush war fighters for the role they played during the liberation struggle.

Sheds tears

The senior UPDF officer on several occasions shed tears as he narrated the suffering that his area went through as they were being terrorized by Uganda People’s Congress members during Obote’s government.

“By the time Museveni decided to wage a war on UPC government, he found us suffering right from Amin’s regime. At one time, a doctor was beaten and dragged on the ground by Amin’s soldiers from a bar at around 9 pm to the sub-county headquarters for one kilometer. He died in police cells,” Sserunjogi said.

He narrated the soldiers for both Amin and Obote regimes terrorized shop owners whose merchandise they always vandalized.

“During Amin’s time, soldiers would invade a house, rape women and defile children as the head of the family watches. They would sometimes ask you to clap for them as they enjoyed,” Capt.Sserunjogi narrated to the audience as tears flowed on his cheeks as he reminisced the harrowing stories.

“All of you bush war heroes did a great job to join Museveni in order to liberate us.


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