EC,Police Set Tough Guidelines For BobiWine To Resume Blocked Consultations

The Electoral Commission [EC] has agreed to reschedule all the consultative meetings by presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine that have since been blocked by police.

At the start of the week, police blocked Bobi Wine’s meeting in Gayaza town and arrested him.

On Tuesday, police dispersed People Power supporters in Gulu town with teargas and blocked the consultative meeting.

On Wednesday, police once more blocked Bobi Wine’s meeting in Lira town, arrested him and drove him back to Kampala.

On Thursday, EC and police officials called Bobi Wine at the Jinja Road based offices for a meeting to iron out the issues.

Riot Police and other heavily armed police officers had earlier cordoned off the headquarters of the Electoral Commission (EC) in Kampala.

Police claimed to have blocked Bobi Wine’s meetings in Wakiso, Gulu and Lira districts for his alleged failure to meet the conditions that were given to him.


Addressing press in Kamwokya, Bobi Wine said they had agreed with the EC and police to re-programme and allow him to consult as earlier planned.

“We followed law and the POMA act even if we don’t agree with some parts. Police continues to disrupt our consultations especially like yesterday in lira saying we had put it in an open space,” Bobi Wine told press.

He said in Lira, goons were brought to attack him but they were put them live on social media which scared them.

“These people came in a police truck wearing our T-shirts with my picture on them. But we don’t know them. They were armed with pangas, axes, sticks etc.”

He said People Power members like Patricia Ssewungu and Zulaika Nalukenge and others were arrested and detained.

According to Bobi Wine, EC is charged with overseeing and organising elections and their meeting was a cordial conversation.

“We reported the police wrongdoing and they admitted their illegal activities. EC will reschedule our programme for consultation. We write back to them. They promised to observe the law and not act in an illegal manner,” he said.

He added: “EC also promised to follow up on the matter. We are now going back on the drawing board to re-programme.”

Since Tuesday night, police cordoned off Pacific Grand Hotel in Lira town.

“Having claimed that Kyadondo was cancelled because our venue was an open place, we informed them that our venue in Lira was a hall,” Bobi Wine had said.

“So they came up with another lie! This time they are lying that we did not secure the venue in Lira! These are receipts of all the venues which we fully booked and even made deposits!”

In the meantime, the proprietors of the venues in Adjumani and Arua were also pleading to refund the deposits citing instructions from the authorities not to host Bobi Wine.

“They have been intimidated left, right and centre by all manner of security outfits. This is the situation which we must work hard to change!”

When they stepped in Lira town, Bobi Wine Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi and Hon. Mathias Mpuga were arrested, put in police car and driven at breakneck speed.

“As always, these cowards drove us in circles in a police vehicle and abandoned us at Karuma bridge. Our determination to redeem our country only grows by day! We are energised by the support of the people of Lira and all those we found a long the way,” he later said.

While meeting EC officials, Bobi Wine said the election cycle has started and is already marred by violence.

“We are demanding for a level playing field to take on Mr. Museveni.” (edge)


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