Get Out! Lawyers Kirunda,Kasirye Trashed Out Of State House As Plot To Fix Kasekende’s Contract Fail


Lawyers, Robert Kirunda the founding partner at Kirunda & Wasike Advocates and Andrew Kasirye of Kasirye, Byaruhanga & Co Advocates were recently trashed out of statehouse as they were silently fixing a plot for Dr. Louis Kasekende to meet President Yoweri Museveni.

Kasekende’s contract as Deputy Governor at Bank of Uganda (BoU) expired on January 13, 2020 and he is still secretly doing everything possible, including all sorts of lobbying to ensure it’s renewed besides handing over Office.

According to reliable sources, the duo went through Ms Molly Kamukama of State House to secure them a condusive environment where Kasekende could meet the President but Protocal and security denied Kasekende audience and Molly advised Kirunda to go thru Mrs Deborah Rwabwogo the Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to the President who warned Kirunda to never indulge her in such matters.

It is alleged that Ms Molly has been fraudently Kasekende’s funded ally where she had been earning sacks of money part of which helped her build a Multibillion Dollar Hotel Resort in Sesse. To ease work, the duo reportedly took huge sacks of Money to the PPS, Rwabwogo and as we talk now, her pockets are happy!

Previously, BOU has been working with Masembe & Mpanga and using their Company, they recruited Kirunda and Kasirye to help fix the irreversible mess and as of reports, the national bank is Bankraupt because, BoU officials recently went to Parliament for recapitalising. Dont ask where funds are going! Mpanga who was employed by Bowmans in SouthAfrica the Hotest Fraudsters is now in Uganda to play Game Cuts! and Kirunda is another Green Snake in the Grass under BOU red carpets.

In a plea to meet the President, Dr. Kasekende recently used the Catholics’ Archbishop Syprian Kizito Lwanga to help him, however the deal didn’t succeed.

He was for long accused of swindling BoU money and was also involved in the fraudlant sell of 7banks. “It was really too scandalous when a central bank that is managed by the more celebrated economists turned the whole thing into ruin and left Ugandans no excuse whatsoever to defend them. They looked like robbers moving assets. Kasekende should have given us the best he has. Kasekende, a celebrated Catholic to be undressed like this is sacrilegious” said a Legislator.

Prior to that, the Aruu Member of Parliament Odonga Otto recently threatened to protest if Kasekende’s contract is renewed at Bank of Uganda.

Odonga expressed his threats to protest on twitter when he tweeted thus on Friday; “Dr Kasekende; it’s a national interest that you get the hell out of BoU just like President walked to fight corruption. We notify the police that we will seek a demonstration in Kampala and around BoU in an unlikely event that your contract is renewed. The Cosase report is clear,” the legislator said in a tweet.

Other reports tell that Kasekende tried, but failed to meet President Museveni in November to talk about the possibility of extending his contract, after the President rejected all his requests for audience.

In June this year, Members of Parliament raised concerns over the incessant scandals plaguing BoU following the recent mishap in which a consignment of printed currency flown into the country included extra cargo not on the bank’s documentation.

The scandal led to State House’s anti corruption kingpin Edith Nakalema move to arrest several bank officers, although their supervisors weren’t booked.

The legislators hinted on the unsatisfactory behaviour of the Bank of Uganda (BoU) in response to a report presented by the State Finance Minister for Planning, David Bahati, noting that not so long ago the Bank was under investigation for erroneously shutting down commercial banks in the country, a drama that played out in broad daylight probe which exposed bank chiefs as incompetent and fraudsters.

Currently, Mpanga and Masembe are the super Superiors hidding in Kirunda and Kasirye the hungry new lawyers.


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