Bobi Wine Rejects Government’s VIP Security Offer

Kyaddondo East legislator and leader of the People Power movement Robert Kyagulanyi has rejected governments recent offer security.

This comes a few days after State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania told MPs on the committee of Defence and Internal Affairs that government had taken extra steps to protect Robert Kyagulanyi because he is a state asset.

Hon.Kania said ever since Kyagulanyi declared his presidential ambitions, it has become the duty of government to ensure that no body hurts him.

“It is the duty of security right now to see where Bobi Wine is. Whether they do it overtly or covertly, they must do it because Bobi Wine is an asset in this country. When he reaches the point of nomination that is when the IGP will come in and say now “you must be surrounded with this security, you cannot sleep in such and such a place,” Kania said.

Kania’s response followed a question from Butambala MP, Muhammed Muwanga Kivumbi, and expressed fear about Kyagulanyi’s security.

Kania said when someone expresses interest in a certain category of office like that of the president as Kyagulanyi has done; the state takes over his or her security.

He said: “Actually your security is no longer your own personal responsibility. All these people who are going to be presidential candidates, we must insist they must get security. The reason is simple…anybody can hurt them for different reasons not because they are bad but because someone wants to create a bad image for government. Someone can hurt a presidential candidate because they want to cause chaos.

While responding to Minister Kania’s offer, Bobiwine who was addressing  supporters of his People Power movement at his residence in Magere told government that his does not need any protection because he has enough security from the suffering Ugandans who are yarning for change.

‘’You want to give me security like the one you gave Joan Kagezi,Muhammed Kirumira,Abiriga and my former driver Kawuma. That security I will not take it’’BobiWine asked.

But Uganda police vowed to keep guarding BobiWine because it’s her constitutional right to protect all Ugandans and their property.




  1. Bobi wine is just playing Politics and appear like he can do minus state security, in reality he wants it more than we can imagine.

  2. Kagame should not open the border because M7 had a plan of controlling Rwanda by his son so that by the time he is going to live Uganda he should go and settle in Rwanda since he is looting the country’s resources but still we him and family members to confess before the Uganda citizens and he also has lots questions to be answered by him,ie land grabbing in the North,death of innocent citizens during his leadership, valuation of human rights by him and his arms etc.

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