NRM Delegates Boo,Heckle SG Lumumba For Swindling Allowances


National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Secretary General Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba was entertained to a cold reception from NRM delegates attending the party National Conference at Namboole, forcing President Museveni to intervene and save her from the embarrassment as delegated heckled and chanted in disapproval.

Immediately as Lumumba took to the podium to give her opening remarks, delegates started heckling her and the chanting continued until she could no longer continue. Her pleas to the crowds that she had received the message, also fell on deaf ears.

“Members, if you are dissatisfied the National Chairman will give you an opportunity and you raise your issues with him. let’s go on with the program. I have taken note of that” she pleaded. But it did’nt save her.

She later asked for protection from Museveni who called 2 representatives from each tent to explain to him what the issue is. Museveni promised to hear from them after his address which was still going on by press time.

According to the NRM Communication Officer Rogers Mulindwa, the act did not however take the leadership at the secretariat by surprise since there has been mobilization to demonize Lumumba and the faces of those behind this move are well known.

Mulindwa says as the secretariat is headed for a busier and hectic election season, such diversionary issues wont turn them back. He called for maximum respect for each other for a strong team work straight from the branches to National level.sabasaba


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