We Need Corporates’ Support In Building More Ghetto Green Toilets – Rajiv

The Managing Director of Ruparelia group who is also one of the trustees of the foundation, Mr Rajiv Ruparelia, has promised to continue giving a helping hand to the ghetto community and urged corporate companies to come on board with a supporting hand.

Mr Rajiv made remarks on Friday February, 8, 2019 while appearing on a talk show at 88.2 Sanyu FM where he promised to atleast build more five modern toilet systems every year in each Kampala slum in the coming five years.

He requested other cooperates to get involved in the project because with this, one is positively impacting the environment and creating infrastructure.

“Just by Creating one toilet in a Ghetto, you are saving thousands of people, and we want to use the same thing to build schools, build drainages, better hygiene for the Ghetto,” Rajiv said.

“We’ve got a plan that we tried to develop and put on paper and roll out because for us we want to have a long term sustainable plan and to have stake holders on board. We only use 50 bags of cement in the whole project, which is about 1.5m, all we are asking for is a good partner to come on board and say we are donating you with 10 toilets or 5 cements you require,” he added.

The Ghetto Research Lab constructs community toilets using empty bottles of mineral water and kaveera [polythene bags].

Mr. Rajiv while addressing challenges they are facing

When asked about Kampala Parents School, Mr. Rajiv revealed that management pulled out some structures where, one teacher  takes on a pupil for two years, from P6 to P7 such that one is accountable of the Children’s performance he’s been teaching for two years.

“We’ve done alot of these strategic things that have helped Kampala Parents, we’ve also managed to get alot of young new teaches because teaching is constantly and evolution, you are learning everyday, In a school, way we were taught 15 years ago is not the same way my kids are going to be taught at the University, the world is constantly evolving. We brought in new young teachers with new teaching tacktics who are attached with the children” he said.

Rajiv Ruparelia Is a Young, Dynamic, Vibrant Entrepreneur, Businessman and Passionate Promoter of Victoria University Kampala, Kampala Parents School, Kampala International School and Delhi Primary School.

He is also the Managing Director of Crane Management Services a Large Property Management form with over 450 Properties under its wing. He plays a key role in property management in the Country.

Since 2010, Rajiv is a member of Grace Children’s Village, Kabale in which he is helping design, build and finance a sustainable orphanage unit.


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