Singer Mathias Walukagga Releases New Song Cursing Avarice BoU Officials, Applauds Dr. Sudhir For The Resilience

The Kadongokaku celebrated Singer turned Politician Mathias Mulumba Walukaga has dropped a new hit bang titled “Akanyomonyomo”.

In his latest song, bitter Walukaga has warned against impunity and complacency where he stung bosses at the Central Bank Of Uganda, it’s advisors and lawyers for not learning from their past experiences and mistakes.

The musician also applauded city businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia for being a resilient and hard-working man plus holding out with Crane Bank-related woes which was fraudently closed by Bank of Uganda (BoU) and later sold to Dfcu with no Minutes of sale.

He argues that complacency partly led BoU bosses into problems likening them to mourners who take advantage of night darkness to engage in reckless sex even when the deceased in whose mourning they are participating died because of HIV Aids resulting from reckless sex conduct.

In an indirect references to the detriment Sudhir endured because of the BoU decisions, Walukagga references to a woman who can’t easily let go of her child because of the extreme labor pains she endures to bring him or her to life.

He also used an example of a metaphor of a vessel that carried slaves, packed breathless in the dark of the containers then the crew sat on top of the vessel enjoying chicken and beers. The slaves cried loud asking their masters for some food in vain. They then used nails and a hammer and dug holes into the vessel that started feeling with water and in a minute, the ship sunk.

The song is a wakeup call to citizens, government, Parliament and Courts to fight impunity against BoU thugs amongst others Dr. Louis Kasekende, the headmaster David Mpanga, Justine Bagyenda, Timothy Masembe, Margret Kasule, Jimmy Mugerwa and others to irrespective responsibilities to check their behaviors.

Above all, the implication is that Sudhir was justifiably expected to fight back because of the extreme hard work and suffering he endured to accumulate his estate.



BoU on January 25, 2017 placed Crane Bank under the receivership. Later that same year, the central bank alongside Crane Bank sued Mr Ruparelia and his Meera Investments Company for allegedly fleecing his own bank of Shs397b in fraudulent transactions. Mr Ruparelia denied the allegations and counter-sued BoU, seeking compensation of $8m (Shs28b) in damages for breach of contract.

In August, 2019, the Commercial Court in Kampala, dismissed a multibillion commercial dispute that had been filed against city tycoon, Sudhir Ruparelia related to Crane Bank in receivership, ending a two-year legal battle.

The Court ruled that BOU cannot use “Crane Bank in receivership” to sue; that there was no cause of action to sue Sudhir, that BOU receivership of CB ended when they sold to DFCU, that the freehold in CB branches belong Sudhir and BOU should pay costs of the suit.

Bank of Uganda (BoU) /Crane Bank in Receivership sued Sudhir Ruparelia and Meera Investments Limited of allegedly fleecing the defunct Crane Bank Limited (CBL) of Shs397 billion that the central bank wants refunded. However, Mr. Sudhir maintained his bank was fraudulently taken by BoU and subsequently given away to Dfcu bank.


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