Bebe Cool Is Gay – King Saha

We are sure Bebe Cool wishes if possible could return and deletes King Saha’s name from the list he came up with on the start of this year. In the list, Bebe put a warning on his name which absolutely tutored his feelings.

The former Leone Island singer immediately entered studio to prove Gagamel crew, fans and Bebe Cool himself. He dropped a hit banger dubbed “Sala Puleesa” which is topping number one on the chart lists in Uganda. After realizing that his song was on top, he logged onto his social media accounts and wrote a mocking statement to Gagamel fans.

His point was to ask them if they feel his persistence with good music. In other words, he was proving them that their boss has no good song this year and nowhere to be seen on media stations.

“Mwe ba Gay-Gaymel,gyemuli???#SSALAPULEESAAAAA” King Saha mocks Gagamel fans.

Many of his fans were on his side and others claimed he’s acting childish.

” It’s ur turn to do every attacker but the world z watching u anti bikyuka …. If u think u can be sweet for everyone go ahead tujya kulamula mubulungi just continue bulikimu tukilaba use all ur mean before they get expired” One of his fans commented.


Gagamel CEO Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool released his controversial annual list of best performing artistes of 2019. As usual, several artistes are not impressed with what Bebe said about them.

On the list, Bebe pointed out things particular artistes should do to better themselves, shared his opinions and even sent a serious warning to some artistes who failed to impress him in 2019, some of them included King Saha, Fefe Bussi among others.

But King Saha in particular wasn’t so happy with the warning he got from Bebe Cool and advised ‘Big Size’ to concentrate on his music.


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