Museveni Set To Announce More Tough Directives Next Week As Covid-19 Cases Surge

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has revealed that he will address the country about the current Covid-19 situation next week as Covid-19 cases in the country surge.

The President made remarks while addressing the NRM delegates conference held from State House in Entebbe.

He expressed his worry on how Covid-19 cases in Kampala are rapidly increasing and warned that this is due to the laxity of the city dwellers.

“People in Kampala have given up in the fight against Coronavirus. They have relaxed so much and now the virus is advancing very fast in Kampala. When I speak next week, I will give you more details,” he added.

The  President insisted that business is not more important than health.

“Everybody should know that we have no alternative. We shouldn’t be shortsighted to think about jobs, businesses and forget life,” he said.

On Monday, August, 17, 2020 the Minister of Works and Transport, General Edward Katumba Wamala, warned that taxis and bodabodas may be closed again after Uganda on Sunday registered 66 new cases, the highest number of corona-virus infections in the country in a single day.

“Fellow Ugandans, it has come to my attention that some taxi operators and motorists are not obeying the COVID19 guidelines in place. With the increasing cases of community transmission, we may be forced to halt public transport,” he said on Twitter.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health, has so far confirmed 15 Covid-19 related deaths, majority of which have been reported from Kampala.

For a week now, Covid-19 confirmed cases from alerts and contacts have also been on a steady rise, prompting government to threaten of implementing another lockdown if cases continue to rise.

The President however commended the scientists and health workers for working tirelessly to save lives.

He said that, “Almost all the Covid-19 patients who have gone to the government centres in time have healed. The number of people who have survived the virus in Uganda gives me hope for a vaccine.”

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  1. Okay some good reliable info but still the only thing the president should be to train the people how to live with the virus not to be taught it cure

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