MP Luttamaguzi Remanded To Wanyato Prison For Flouting Covid-19 SOPs

Nakaseke South MP Paulson Ssemakula Lutamaguzi has been charged and remanded to Wanyato government prison up-to September 3, 2020.

On Wednesday, police arrested Luttamaguzi and scores of his supporters over a planned political rally.He has been charged with doing an act likely to spread Covid-19.

The situation comes amid public anger over a number of NRM politicians who have previously held processions but were ignored by Police

The MP was intercepted while at Wakasanke village along Matugga-Ssemuto road.

When his supporters heard about his arrest, they blocked the roads and started chanting his praises while hurling insults at Police officers

To disperse the crowds, police used teargas under the command of Sulaiman Kitaka.

The situation even got more chaotic when supporters started pelting the officers with bottles.

Protesters argued that police was favoring NRM politicians. They consequently started defacing posters of NRM candidates.

Scores that were arrested were taken to Semuto Police Station.

Isah Ssemwogerere, the Savannah Region Police Spokesperson, said the MP was arrested because he wanted to hold a rally which is not allowed as per the Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

He has been charged with doing an act likely to spread Covid-19.

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