Charms Uganda Donates To COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers

When Uganda announced the first case of Covid-19 in March, companies continuously donated food, cash and relief items to help meet the needs of those who have been denied an opportunity to earn a living due to the limitations imposed by the effort to curb the spread of the lethal virus.

While these philanthropic efforts are critical, the fight against the deadly virus goes beyond overt donations. It is also about how companies are using their services, infrastructure, products, equipment, and expertise to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and help their employees, customers and the general public get through this crisis.

Charms Uganda Ltd, the distributors of Protex soap has Thursday August 27, 2020 donated 1500 bars of protex soap to Covid-19 frontline medical workers who are at risk of contracting the disease and 10000 posters to help in sensitizing masses on the risks of contracting the deadly disease.

The donation was received by Dr. Joseph Seremba at the Health Ministry headquarters Nakasero, Kampala.

Dr. Seremba received donations on behalf of PS Dr. Diana Atwiine

He applauded Charms management for having Uganda at heart adding that the donation came at the right time when community spread was going high. “We want to thank you a lot, because as you are now aware, community infections have gone higher than ever before, and so our teams are on ground everyday in your communities handling these cases. Protex is well known for fighting germs and diseases like COVID-19, so this is a timely life saving act, thank you for thinking about those who save lives every day,” he said.

Ms Cynthia Njeru the company’s marketing manager said 1500 bars of Protex soap were directly going to ministry of health (MoH) frontline workers across the country while posters are meant to educate masses on how they can reduce the risks of contracting Covid-19.

“We know that our health workers like Nurses, Doctors and other support staff who are in direct contact with the victims do so because they want to save lives, it’s our heartfelt calling that we also protect them as they protect others, that way we shall be in this together and come out stronger together. We thought our donation should go to that category of people,” Cynthia noted.

Part of the donation

“As a company, we’re committed to educating the community on the benefits of hand washing for a cleaner, protected and healthier life. This is why Charms Uganda Ltd, which is part of House of Dawda Group (The appointed distributor of Colgate Palmolive, the manufacturer of Protex) is not only donating the Soap to frontline health workers, but also 10,000 hand washing educational posters to the communities to re-enforce the ministry’s good efforts on civic education about the disease,” Nitin Chavda, Charms’ Country Sales Manager added.

Charms Uganda Limited was setup in 2004 for carrying out importation and distribution of cosmetics and food products in Uganda. The company is part of The House of Dawda group of companies which is one of the largest manufactures of food products in the country with a wide distribution network.

The Ntinda based Charms has a strong reputation with manufacturing partners for handling products with integrity and the ability to purchase large lots of product for distribution to customers.

Charms is involved in trading and distribution of products using the vast network established across the country.

Their superb and strategic network of distribution outlets enables excellent smooth sales activities in markets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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