Dr Sudhir’s Impressive Journey and Future of Victoria University Catches Attention of South Sudanese

Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, the founder of Ruparelia Group of companies has shared an impressive journey and future of Victoria University which left many people yearning for more.

During an event organized recently at the University, Dr Sudhir revealed that in 2013, they acquired Victoria University from a group which was based in Dubai and since then, their motive has been to improve the quality of learning in Uganda.

“When Victoria University was set up, we acquired this university from a group which was based in Dubai, I was approached to buy the institution which we did. We were cleared by the National Council for Higher Education,” he said.

“But we need to grow more, we need to be the best university in Uganda that’s why we look for professional people who can help take us to the next level,” he added.

Recently, the institution dropped its tuition fees by 50% for any course taught at the university.

And highlighting on that matter, Dr Sudhir said that the 50% offer was given to make every student’s university dream come true, despite the Covid-19 economic crisis.

“We have to accept the fact that we have an economic crisis, and if we as a responsible institution don’t look at the nature of our people, then it will be wrong.That’s why we have tried this time to make everything affordable, we can all play a part in educating our people,” the businessman said.

Given the success story of this university, a one Deng Santo Guot (Facebook names) requested the property mogul to open a Victoria University branch in South Sudan’s capital Juba.

Deng Santo Guot- “You have to operate another branch in Juba as many students are very interested in your academy,”

Deng wasn’t the only one who was moved by Dr Sudhir’s speech as Nkulanga Enock also said that “Great discussion! An eye opener into Victoria University, sound great how the institution is positioning itself, kudos to Dr Lawrence Muganga and all the stakeholders,”

“I am following this is great, Victoria University is not only good but so unique, keep on, keep on,” Beinomugisha Ronald Katungi noted, among other facebookers who were following the event online.

Credit: commandonepost

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